Oyster catering: oysterman and oystergirls for every occasion

Oester eXclusief is your "go-to" address for on-site oyster catering. We are happy to visit you for various occasions, such as house parties, company parties, or trade fairs. Our oysterman and oystergirls demonstrate the tricks of the trade with contagious enthusiasm, which will rub off on your guests. They will tell you everything about this delicious and unique delicacy and advise on a suitable garnish for an unforgettable oyster experience.

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Our oyster catering is suitable for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, networking reception, or trade show, our oyster men will come on-site to enhance the atmosphere with a luxurious oyster experience.

Oysterman and girls for on-site oyster catering

Oyster catering: a unique addition

The sensational, exclusive, and refined character of the oyster is a unique addition. At Oester eXclusief, personal preference is central. Each guest can indicate how they would like their oyster. Our oyster men are always equipped with garnishes and flavor enhancers such as lemon, pepper, Tabasco, and red wine vinegar with shallots.

In addition to opening and serving the oysters for all guests, they demonstrate the skills for correctly opening an oyster to preserve flavors.

Why Oester eXclusief?

  • On-site catering: Oysters, champagne, and caviar.
  • Clear agreements and prices.
  • Personal contact.
  • Unburdening during events, parties, or receptions.


We would love to visit you! Depending on the number of guests, the available budget, the selected products, and the desired duration, we will be happy to prepare a quote for you. After approval, we will discuss your wishes and expectations in detail so that you will be completely unburdened during the event and we will serve the oysters at the agreed time.

Spoil your guests with fresh oysters directly from the breeding grounds in Ireland, France, or the Grevelingen & Oosterschelde in the Netherlands. Enjoy the purity and freshness of the sea at your event!